General Information

1. What is MAWAQiF ?
MAWAQiF a comprehensive and integrated parking management program that addresses the parking needs in the Capital of the UAE. MAWAQiF

2. What are the types of parking?
Parking areas are classified into two types: Premium and Standard Parking.
3. How do I identify the paid parking areas?
The paid parking areas are identified through the coloured kerbstones: turquoise and white for Premium Parking and turquoise and black for Standard Parking. It is illegal to park next to all yellow and grey kerbstones. 

4. Where are the regulated parking areas located?
For the initial phase, paid parking was applied to the area between Khalifa Street, Hamdan Street, Eastern Ring Road, and Liwa Street and the area between Khalifa Street, Hamdan Street, Eastern Ring Road, and Bani Yas Street.

On January 30 2010, MAWAQiF began implementing paid parking in the area between Hamdan Street, Sheikh Zayed the First Street, Airport Road and Baniyas Road, with a total of 3,725 parking bays.

5. Is there a map available that highlights the location of the regulated parking areas?
The map is available in the general flyer and via the following link "Parking Control Zones".


Rates & Payment Methods

6. What are the parking rates and timings?
Premium Parking:

3 dhs per hour
Maximum stay of 4 hours

Standard Parking:
 2 dhs per hour
15 dhs per day
Maximum stay of 24 hours

 8 AM to 9 PM – Saturday to Thursday

7. Is parking free on Fridays and public holidays?


8. How can we pay?
Payment can be made at the parking meter using MAWAQiF Prepaid Card or coins. There will be two separate tariff meters for Premium Parking and Standard Parking. Please make sure to pay the correct fees to avoid fines.

Prepaid Cards
 50 dhs
100 dhs

0.25 dhs
0.50 dhs
1.00 dhs 

9. Where do I buy my Mawaqif Prepaid Card?
Prepaid cards are available at all of the MAWAQiF Customer Service Centers. For the working hours of the centers, click on the following link (Customer Service Centers).


10. How to pay at the parking meter?
The MAWAQiF parking meters are solar powered, they are activated by inserting coins or prepaid cards. To make a payment, you simply need to follow the below steps:

.Prepaid Card:

  1. Insert your card into the machine,
  2. Choose the number of parking hours
  3. Press the green button
  4. Get your receipt
  5. Put the receipt on your vehicle’s dashboard in a way visible to our inspectors


  1. Insert the coins into the machine for the required duration
  2. Press the green button
  3. Get your receipt
  4. Put the receipt on your vehicle’s dashboard in a way visible to our inspectors

11. Are there any restrictions in purchasing large quantities of prepaid cards? Are there any discounts or special offers?
Prepaid cards are not sold in bulks. You can purchase any quantity of these cards at the one time, at standard rates. 

12. Are the prepaid cards rechargeable?
At this stage, it is not possible to recharge prepaid cards, this service may be available in the future.

 Resident Permits

13. What is a Resident Parking Permit?
The resident permits are available for the owners or the tenants and their affiliates of first degree relationship such as mother, father, wife and kids, with a maximum of 2 permits, which is sector and vehicle specific. The permit will give the right for the vehicle owner to park in the paid parking area in the same sector he/she lives in without paying any more fees by displaying the permit clearly on the vehicle dashboard.
Annual fees for the resident permits are 800 dhs for the first vehicle, 1200 dhs for the second vehicle. Verification and processing of resident permits, take a minimum of three working days.


14. What are the documents required to apply for the resident Parking Permit?
The papers required to obtain a resident permit are passport copy with valid residency visa, lease of contract, or residency ownership proof, last electric bill, vehicle ownership and relationship proof for the vehicle owner if different from the tenancy contract.

15. If I have a resident permit, does that mean that parking is available at anytime?
Having a resident permit, does not mean that you can reserve a parking bay specifically for your use at all times. The main purpose of parking permits is to allow you to park in any available parking bay, in the standard parking areas, without having to pay hourly or daily tariffs at the parking meters.

16. If I have a resident permit, can I use it in any of the regulated areas?
Resident permits are valid in the area you live in, you cannot use them in any other areas.

17. We are six people sharing an apartment, the lease is in one person’s name how can we obtain permits?
Each household is entitled to two permits only. For each additional car, residents will have to pay at the machines with prepaid cards or coins.

18. I live in shared accommodation, we share the electricity bill, can each of us get a resident permit?
The electricity bill is never shared, it is always under one persons name.

19. Are Residents’ parking areas located at surface or underground?

20. If I apply for a resident permit today, when will it be issues?
It takes a minimum of 3 working days to issue a resident permit

21. Are resident permits available on the website?
We are continuously updating our website. We will be introducing new services and options to make all the required information available at your fingertips.

Fines & Violations 

22. What are the fines for parking violations?
All illegally parked vehicles will be fined as per the Abu Dhabi parking law. Penalty charges range from AED 100 to AED 1000 depending on the severity of the violation. A detailed list of the penalties can be found on the following link or at the MAWAQiF Customer Service Center.

23. Where do I pay the fines?
Payment of parking violation tickets are made at the MAWAQiF Customer Service Center. If you pay within 15 days, you will get a 25% discount on the total fine amount.

Corporate Services

24. How much are the parking charges for a company or hospital, wanting to reserve one or more parking bays?
MAWAQiF does not offer permits for all commercial institutions. Reservation of parking spaces is limited to banks, hospitals, hotels, government authorities, mosque's Imam, and construction companies in need to reserve parking space for construction purposes.
Banks are entitled for one space only for money collection.
Hospitals are entitled for four spaces allocated for the use of ambulances.
Hotels entitlements depend on the hotels’ rating. One and two stars are entitled to one parking bay, three stars are entitled to two parking bays, four stars are entitled to three parking bays and five star hotels are entitled to four parking bays.
The annual fee per parking bay is AED 20,000 for government and AED 30,000 for private companies.
This service is free for Mosque’s Imam and charities of public benefit 

25. If I want to reserve parking under a company’s name, what documents do I need to provide?
You need to provide an ADWEA bill, no need for a telephone bill. 

Customer Service

26. What are MAWAQiF Customer Service Centers?
The DoT has opened customer service centers in Abu Dhabi where MAWAQiF will provide all information and help needed for its customers including the sale of prepaid cards. Have also include a dedicated section for people with special needs. They are conveniently located close to the paid parking areas. 

Marina Mall Customer Service Center
Corniche road extension (street No. 18) ,Kaser Al Amwaj, Marina Mall new extension,Gate No.9
Hamdan Str. Customer Service Center
Al Salam intersection with Hamdan Street
(Street No.5 )
Khalifa Str. Customer Service Center
Khalifa Bin Zaid Street (Street No 3),Central Souq, Shop No. 63
Al Muroor Str. Customer Service Center
Between Street 13 & Street 15. Take the exit at the Red Crescent Sign



27. What is the number for the Mawaqif Customer Service Center?
For any enquiries, you can call the Mawaqif Call Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 800-3009

28. Does Mawaqif have a new customer service center in Al Bateen?

For more information: