MAWAQiFAccount is an innovative service allowing motorists to securely store credit and utilize it using the different modes of payment linked to the account. Mawaqif Account can be easily created using a Du or Etisalat mobile number and a password. Once the MAWAQiF Account is created, you can top it up via the secure on-line credit card payment option through this website, or using by cash through self-service kiosks spread around the UAE.


Upon toping up your Mawaqif Account, you can start using it to pay for parking in Abu Dhabi using m-Mawaqif service or your rechargeable card, as soon as you have linked it to the account.


The MAWAQiF Account service is very similar to a debit card wherein a debit card is linked to a stored value account. Any transaction made by the debit card is first authorised by the stored value account to check if they are sufficient funds in the stored value account for the transaction to take place. If they are sufficcient funds in the stored value account then the transaction takes place and if not the transaction is cancelled.


The same mechanism applies for the MAWAQiF Account service, wherein the registered Etisalat or Du mobile number is the debit card whilst the MAWAQiF Account is the stored value account. The only difference between the debit card and MAWAQiF Account service is that a debit card can be used for purchasing various types of goods and services whilst for the MAWAQiF Account service you can use it for m-MAWAQiF Service and for MAWAQiF Rechargeable cards.


To create a MAWAQiF Account account the motorist must first register their Etisalat or Du mobile number at New User Registration and follow the simple step by step guide. Once registered the Motorist has to top-up their MAWAQiF Account using the secure on-line credit card payment option menu. Upon successful top-up the motorist is notified immediately via E-Mail the amount topped up and the new balance in their MAWAQiF Account.


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