Mawaqif Rechargeable Cards

Mawaqif is introducing a new advanced payment method to further enhance the parking experience in Abu Dhabi. Parking users in Abu Dhabi can now purchase ‘Mawaqif Rechargeable Cards’ and link them to their account that can be topped up at their convenience through the various recharge methods available.


Note: You need to activate the card before using it. Read the “Activating the Card” section below for more information


The main purpose behind introducing these new parking rechargeable cards is to:


• Give you access to more easy-payment methods and solutions when using our parking services in Abu Dhabi. Activate the card by linking it to your Mawaqif Account and use it to pay for parking from the available balance in your account. Read ”How to activate the card” section below for more information.


• Save the environment by reducing the number of cards produced for the use of parking in Abu Dhabi. Don’t throw the card when out of balance, simply top up your Mawaqif account to enjoy using the same card during its validity period.


• Help you protect your balance in case you have lost or damaged the card. Unlike the disposable prepaid cards that physically hold the balance on the card itself, the new rechargeable cards will have the balance stored in your Mawaqif account. So, enjoy the peace of mind and do not worry if you lose or damage your card. Read more on the benefits of linking the card to your Mawaqif account in the “Why link my card to my Mawaqif Account?” section below.



Each rechargeable card is identified by a unique card number and a Card Verification Code (CVC), plus they have preset expiry dates. All these details are printed on the card itself.

1.       Where to buy MAWAQiF rechargeable cards


Similar to the disposable prepaid parking cards, the new rechargeable cards can be purchased from any of the following locations:


o    MAWAQiF customer service centers


o    MAWAQiF Underground Car Parks


o    Registered Distribution Outlets  (soon)


The Card is sold for 50AED with a balance of the same value included. The balance will be added to your Mawaqif Account once you activate the card by linking it to the account.


2.     How to activate the card?


Activating the parking rechargeable card is simple and basic. Once you have purchased the card, you need to link it to your Mawaqif account before using it.


Using the website


Activate the Card by Linking it to your Mawaqif account is as simple as a click, just Login to your Mawaqif account, click on ‘Link Rechargeable Card’ and submit your card details.


In case you do not have a Mawaqif account yet, you can create one here.


Using your mobile


Just send an SMS in the following format to 3009 :






LINK 0001010010000054 123


Linking confirmation will be sent through SMS to your mobile with your available balance.


If you sent the activation SMS and you don’t have a Mawaqif account, we will automatically create an account for you with the mobile number you have used to send the activation SMS. An automatic registration notification message will be sent through SMS including your new username (mobile number) and password.



See the benefits of linking the card to your Mawaqif Account in the “Why link my card to my Mawaqif Account?” section below.


3.     How to use my parking rechargeable card?


   a. Using the card on the parking meters:


        i. Insert the card


       ii. Select the number of hours (+/-)


      iii. Press green / Ok Button


      iv. Remove the card


       v. Wait for the confirmation


      vi. Take the ticket


   b. Using the card on the Multi-storey car park payment machines


         i. Insert your parking ticket


        ii. Insert your Mawaqif rechargeable card


       iii. Wait for confirmation


       iv. If the operation is successful you will see the successful message


        v. Take your rechargeable card


       vi. Take your ticket


      vii. Take your receipt


     viii. Use the ticket to exit the car park.


Parking fees will be deducted from your Mawaqif account automatically. In case of insufficient funds in your Mawaqif account, the transaction will be rejected and you will not be able to obtain the parking ticket. Therefore, please make sure your Mawaqif account has sufficient funds before using the rechargeable card service.


4.      How to recharge/top-up my Mawaqif account?


Whenever the card has insufficient funds, all you need to do is to top up your Mawaqif account. You can top up your Mawaqif account through:


a.       this website using a credit card login Here to top up your account now


b.      MAWAQiF customer service centers and MAWAQiF Underground Car Parks by cash or credit card.  


c.       Self Service Kiosks Providing MAWAQiF Services by cash or credit cards.


5.     Why link the card to my Mawaqif account?


Once you have successfully linked the rechargeable card to your Mawaqif account, you can enjoy and benefit from a wide range of services and features, such as:


o   Securing your balance: Lost your parking rechargeable card? don’t worry, you only lost the card, not the balance! Linking your card to your Mawaqif account will ensure that your balance is saved apart from the card as it only works as a tool to utilize the balance you have kept in your Account. To deactivate damaged or lost cards, login to your Account and click on ’Link Rechargeable Card’ then de-activate the lost or damaged card from the list of your linked cards or call 800-3009 to request card deactivation, then simply buy a new card and link it to the same Account to utilize the old balance. 


o   Sharing credit with multiple cards: You can link more than one rechargeable card to your Mawaqif account. All transactions made by the linked cards will utilize the credit from the same Account. This way, you do not have to recharge each card separately. 


o   Tracking your transactions: Your Mawaqif account gives you the ability to track all the transactions made with your rechargeable card or any other cards linked to it. Just login to your Mawaqif account and view the full record of your parking transactions.


o   Enquiring about your balance: Once you have linked the card to your Mawaqif account, you can easily enquire about the balance by sending an SMS with the text ‘Bal’ to 3009. You will receive balance information to your registered mobile number immediately. This way, you will know if you have sufficient balance before using the card.